Love Letter for our Afflicted Earth (or Why an Intemerate Manifesto?)

March 9, 2021

We’re making a video to promote the release of our Intemerate Manifesto in the first week of April. As many of you know, Ecological-Economic Accounts: Towards Intemerate Values was published in the spring of 2020, and we’re following that up with an effort to promote a “people’s campaign” that will bring attention to ecological accounting.

We have a music score composed by Sharon Hurvitz, a recitation by Chanzo Greenidge, video by Robert Scott, and editing by Ruth Chon.

We’d like to include you. Please take a few minutes from your busy day to take a 10-30 second video from your smart phone, in either a medium-close selfie and/or you in a wide shot (see template below).  

For the medium close video, I’d like to suggest you start with a pensive, reflective emotion and end with one of embracing consent, or relief, or of elation.


We’d like to have you outdoors in an environment of your choosing. It can be urban, suburban, rural, industrial, pastoral, tropical, in a desert, near the mountains, or at the ocean wherever you are, being casual in a day-in-the-life kind of way.  This really is a global effort and we’d like to have your participation.

We ask that when you frame the video, that  you do so without a mask, and that there is no corporate logo or other recognizable faces in the shot and that you send this back to me at by next Wednesday, March 17th.  If the file is too large for email, I recommend which is a free file sharing service.

The video is called Love Letter for our Afflicted Earth (or Why an Intemerate Manifesto?) .

This work has not been in vain!  Last week the United Nations Statistical Division put out an announcement that they would be revising GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in their national account system to include Ecosystem Accounts.  As an intemerate working group, we submitted our intervention earlier this year and our intervention has been recorded alongside governments and international organizations.

Thank you in advance for your partiicipation, and if you want to pass this on through your personal network, please do!

Arnie Saiki
Intemerate Earth