What is intemerate?

“We need to see the whole cost of development, both to the retention of our cultural values, social wellbeing and preservation of the quality of the natural environment, and not only the benefits as they contribute to the GDP.”

-Dr. Transform Aqorau, CEO, iTuna Intel and Founding Director, Pacific Catalyst

The foundation for economic and ecological justice begins with our accounting system.

Intemerate Accounting is a just, fair and equitable ecological accounting scheme assessing the value of our ecological-economic interactions, and applying the resulting data toward reversing climate change’s impacts through restoration. Accordingly, this accounting scheme values our data offsets, rather than measuring the commodity or resource itself.

We can all provide customary services of conducting inventories, collecting statistics, publishing data, determining conditions and trends, examining and analyzing changes, summarizing data, collecting and describing, compiling, measuring, researching, monitoring, managing our ecological biodiversity, that interaction is economic and traditional, and when we manage our commons, we restore the planet and our humanity.

Our National Accounting must include and measure our interaction with people (wellbeing) and the environment (ecological biodiversity)

Maxim: Economies measure our interactions with people and the environment. Arrow: Aim for trans-local and inter-global reciprocity for a restoration economy.

Maxim: Survival of the fittest is a lie. Arrow:  Contribute to our planet’s survival by thriving through mutual aid, as greed has hastened societal collapse and extinction.

Maxim: GDP is not healthy for people and planet! Arrow: Change National Accounting to include a robust vision of our Wellbeing and Ecological Biodiversity.

Maxim: The logic of Disaster Capitalism has shackled Carbon PPM in our Atmosphere. Arrow: Steward Ecological Data as a Peoples Commons, a 21st century pathway for people to participate in an economic restoration of our climate.

Maxim: A top-down consent process in not consent! Arrow: We must invoke free prior and informed consent, and develop our own methodologies!

Our manifesto: We Count!

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Intemerate is defined as, “inviolate, pure, undefiled,” in the Webster’s Third New International Dictionary (1971); and the Oxford English Dictionary (1971) quotes, “The absolute sinlessness of Mary, as well as her intemerate virginity.” Hence, intemerate accounts refers to the valuation of what is inviolate, pure and undefiled: our ecological biodiversity.

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