Regional Assets

Our Regional Assets (R) are the product of the multiplier Wellbeing (w) and GDP (Z). Wellbeing modulates our GDP, so that we can more equitably reflect the social and cultural factors that may benefit low performing economies, and indigenous, poor and impacted communities that have been excluded by Z.

While we should aspire for our Wellbeing to be measured at 100%, our Regional Assets will likely be of a lower value than our GDP. How much lower? This will depend on our population’s access to human rights, health, infrastructure, and the other conditions and disparities that make up the calculation of (w).

Regional Assets is a big fish that holds the industrial accounting wealth of our GDP in one hand, but who factors in Wellbeing on the other, ensuring that economic gains are complete, just, fair and equitable.

Remember that Regional Assets only account for the interaction or Wellbeing and GDP. The Regional Assets product is not the final Monetary Equivalence Assessment (M∑). It is when we include our Ecological Assets (V), that we can measure a rise or fall in M∑.

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