The Intemerate Equation is unique in how it accounts for offsets. Carbon Offsets (C) are one of several offsets that make up K or the Impact Factor. However, offsets of Carbon ppm (parts per million), and the other Intemerate Offsets are accounted for separately because Carbon ppm is a globally shared factor, while our Intemerate Offsets are localized to communities, states, or other regional interactions.

C is measured by establishing a baseline, which has been set to 350 carbon ppm in our atmosphere. For example, when we first developed this equation the Carbon ppm dividend was 412 and the quotient 1.1771. The Carbon ppm dividend is now 420 and the quotient is 1.2.

As a multiplier to the intemerate offsets, Carbon Offsets influence the Impact factor (K) which in turn amplifies the Monetary Equivalent Assessment (M∑), increasing the cost of restoration, and decreasing investment returns. Conversely, if Carbon ppm were to decrease, it would decrease costs and increase investment returns.

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