The Monetary Equivalence Assessment 0r MEA (M∑) is the sum of Regional Assets (R) and Ecological Assets (V). It is not technically a currency, nor is it intended to function as one. It is up to Central Banks to determine how that value will be transferred, credited, leveraged, or exchanged.

MEAs are conceived to be a transitional currency index modulating between GDP and a new accounting side table. For example, MEAs can be leveraged for debt payment by developing countries, or deployed as credits for infrastructure development. MEAs could also be exchanged as digital currency in an index fund or transferred into real cash.

The logic and techniques of intemerate accounting represent the result of critical sharing, collective learning and efforts that have influenced the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and UNFCCC Paris Agreement. The MEA will allow us to track progress and realigning our national accounts to achieve the goals of our time: to restore our ecological biodiversity, reduce global warming and redistribute global wealth. It will also benefit our governments and institutions in ways that transcend the limitations of GDP and other approaches to ecological accounting.

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