Besides the OECD, another grouping of the 77 non-aligned economies emerged as UNCTAD under the UN system in 1964. These were primarily the new “Global South” countries with shared goals for development and trade.

The regional ACP (Africa, Caribbean, Pacific) groupings were chartered with the European Community in 1975, focusing on sustainable economic and environmental development. The ACP-EU generally recognizes the historical conditions for regional economic disparities but objectives for promoting a more just and equitable international order have been elusive.

The GDP (Z) ACP+ represents the unjust, unfair and inequitable ways through which the OECD economies (including the World Bank and IMF) reinforced their own priorities at the expense of entire regions and peoples.

National Accounting revisions requires that the Z(ACP+) not be relegated to standing outside the decision making process of our national accounting systems, with beggarly hands outstretched, perpetuated by a system of post-colonial/neoliberal donor aid.

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