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Since 2016, we have been campaigning for a bottom-up people’s approach to revising how we account for our ecological biodiversity in national accounting systems. Our revisions address three intertwining issues: reversing climate change, restoring our ecological biodiversity, and redistributing global wealth.

Like other economic and ecological justice campaigns, our Pacific Working Group on Data, Statistics, and Valuation has been critical of the current accounting of GDP, overwhelmingly dominated by international institutions, industrial and militarized governments, and special interests enforcing a top-down economic system benefitting from climate insecurity, environmental degradation, resource depletion, and privatization initiatives that have removed customary access to lands and resources.

While we’ve received support from the Pacific Conference of Churches and the World Council of Churches, this project has collectively been a labor of love.

Independently, we have designed an equation that transitions our national accounting systems beyond GDP towards one that embraces wellbeing and our ecological biodiversity. We are promoting an equation to be utilized by impacted communities, integrated into indigenous people’s own methodologies embracing free prior and informed consent, as well as developing countries and emerging economies that seek to move away from industrial accounting methodologies that do not reflect the inherent economic wealth of people and regions.

Projects that we are currently working on include an accredited graduate curriculum focusing on ecological accounting, a podcast series, an index, and a research conference exploring.

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